1| What is Fashionably Black all about?

Our mission is to answer the question, “What are Fashionably Black people wearing?” Via personal style photos and candid interviews, we aim to solve this inquiry.

2| Can I be featured?
Fashionably Black is currently accepting submissions for fall/winter 2010 profiles. All ages and sizes welcome.
3| I am a fashion blogger –can we exchange links?

Please feel free to send us a link to your site, so it can be added to our blog roll.

4| Does Fashionably Black allow guest bloggers?

Fashionably Black welcomes guest bloggers. If interested please drop us an e-mail with details.

5| May I advertise on Fashionably Black?

Fashionably Black is currently accepting new sponsors. For advertising rates please contact us.

6| I have a great question for upcoming fashionistas & fashionistos featured on Fashionably Black. Where do I send it?

If you have a query for our stylish interviewees, feel free to submit it to us.

7| May I recommend someone as a Fashionably Black feature?

Of Course. We are always on the hunt for new fashionistas & fashionistos. Please send us a blog/website/photo and contact information.

8| How can I stay up to date with Fashionably Black?

Keeping up with Fashionably Black is easy! Subscribe to our RSS Feed, follow us on bloglovin' or Chictopia and don’t forget to sign up for free updates via e-mail.

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