Quotes of the Month

Here is a collection of the most memorable quotes from the past month:

"….being different is who I am. I do like quirky clothes, clothes only a person with courage would wear."

"I wish so many people weren't afraid to wear black. For some reason, so many folks think black is limited to goths and funerals."

"Will Smith and Michael Jackson are definitely my icons of style; very goofy and odd but I love it."

"Beauty is PAIN, just have to endure it!"

"I think fashion can be affordable. If you keep your eyes open, you can find very cool pieces at H&M or Zara. That is what I do most of the time. Another good tip: Shops of young designers. They sell very fashionable clothes for little money."

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"I have close to four hundred blogs on my Google Reader."


Any current fashion cravings?

"For fall, I've fallen in love with rich, 70's jewel tones. I really like amber and rust paired with nubby knits. I am also loving the ‘return’ of neutrals. I'm usually more of a brights kind of girl, but I like the refined direction a lot of stores and design houses are going in.”

What are your wardrobe staples?

"You will always find me in either a dress (most likely patterned and thrifted) or a skirt/shirt combination. A couple of staples in my wardrobe right now are a Urban Renewal (from Urban Outfitters) trench coat that I got on sale the end of last spring. Since moving to the city (and giving up my car...aka walking everywhere) I have been in love with wedges and flat shoes. I've got orange suede wedges from H&M in heavy rotation, and a pair of lace-less black and white oxfords that I am wearing with everything! Oh, and I have a thing for old leather belts; I've got several.”

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

"My biggest source of inspiration is other bloggers! I have close to four hundred blogs on my Google Reader and I'm always looking for more amazing dressers. The internet is an infinite source of well executed (and well documented) outfits, and I usually come away feeling really inspired after reading all my favourites. Magazines have also been a source of inspiration, my favourite (and I've read a lot) is hands down Lula Magazine. It is the perfect amount of sweet whimsy and coy sassiness. I love it and cherish each issue I own.”

Best compliment ever received on your style?

"Any time someone comments on my blog or an outfit in real life, it is a huge compliment. My favourite compliment so far would probably be Hannah from Hannah and Landon telling me she ‘really liked my dress’ when I was in NYC during the spring for Chictopia's Fashion Week event! I adore her blog and her style (she's in my top five), so it was quite surprising to hear that she liked something I was wearing!”

Worst thing you've ever worn?

"It's a tossup between tight, stretch beige flare trousers and a pair of unfortunate pink capris. Both were extremely unflattering and to this day I am puzzled as to why my fourteen year old self thought they were a good idea. They weren't.”

Anything Else?

"My website is Style is Style."

For the style conscious lady, skirts are perfect for experimenting with different looks above the waist. Opting for a timeless oxford shirt in ivory like our beautiful nista’s opening outfit is a great choice. The pleating adds a peppery, unconventional edge to this classic work wear blouse; whereas tucking it in exudes a trim and dapper vibe. Covering her crown is a charming wide brim straw hat, which provides an extra edge to her ensemble. Beneath the belt, the enchanting floral print skirt in indigo, lilac, and bone is ever versatile and always in season. Naturally, where would any outfit be without some killer footwear and a fab purse? This lovely nista does not disappoint. Her scarlet peep toe cutout wedges reveal just enough skin, making these sexy shoes daytime appropriate. Plus, a chic cognac bag is sure to store all her must have career basics and is effortlessly translatable to evening.

Wearing pants is sure to be an afterthought upon viewing our gorgeous nista’s next ensemble. Her sapphire A-line skirt gives way to a vintage vibe via a polka dot design throughout the garment, plus the mustard rope belt is ideal for a minimalist aesthetic. Pairing this leg exposing garment with a black and white horizontal stripped shirt toughens up this whimsical look as the cream lace cardigan works great as a top layer. To complete this garb, her feet get a treat with those ebony strappy pumps –always a style staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Plus, those adorable ruffle socks prove they can be as cool as their over the knee counterparts.

The classic appeal of a skirt comes to life in our nista’s final look. This plaid A line number is the embodiment of effortless sophistication while her hunter green cardigan offers a chic understated look. Layering with a white chunky scarf keep her stylish yet warm on chilly mornings. Slipping on one of fashion’s favorite garments –sable tights, along with black lace up ankle boots, ideal for stomping around the streets or hustling off to work, not only keeps our nista cool, but the monochromatic vibe adds mucho length to her legs.

Thanks to Wangari from ----->Queen of my Playground for recommending this fab stylista!


"I'm sitting in my Property Law class wearing them right now!"


What was your most recent fashion related purchase?

"My latest purchase is a stunning full length, backless vintage sparkly gown. It’s the most amazing vintage piece I have ever laid my hands upon. I spotted it last week but it was a bit pricey. I went back the next week and luckily for me it was half price! I was so grateful that nobody snatched it up yet. I can’t wait to take photos and share it on my blog! Along with the dress, I also picked up a vintage black felt wide brim hat for $9.00. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It's right on trend and didn’t cost me a fortune. The kind of things I find in thrift stores never cease to amaze me. Fashion truly does repeat itself, but not always in the most obvious way.”

Best compliment received on your style?

"The best style compliment I have ever received was on my birthday this year. I'm a self taught sewer, so I made my own birthday dress inspired by Alexis Mabille's two toned dresses in her Haute Couture 2010 show. Everyone loved the dress. Receiving compliments for something you actually made yourself is always just a little bit more special. I feel incredibly special when friends see the clothes I have made and ask me to make them things too or dress them!”

If you could only wear one pair of shoes next year, what would they be?

"It must be my new pair of vintage Justin Ropers! Living in Australia, top quality vintage cowboy boots are hard to come by, so when I snapped these up on eBay for $11.00, I was thrilled! I absolutely love them. In fact, I'm sitting in my Property Law class wearing them right now!”

What is the most common fashion mistake in your city?

"When I roam around town, it becomes quite apparent that everyone likes to dress the same. I see the same shirt from the same shop on four different people within ten minutes. Not being brave enough to step outside the square (and possibly face a few strange stares) is the biggest mistake.”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be more fashionable?

"Don’t buy clothes simply based on the brand! I always hear people say something to the effect of 'oh but its [insert high end fashion label here].' That to me means nothing if it looks hideous! Buy for your shape and style and forget the label. It’s very easy these days to spend very little money on items that are quality.”

Anything Else?

"I run my own online vintage store, LADYMAPLE VINTAGE featuring beautiful one of vintage pieces. I’m always collecting. At the moment, all the vintage from my store is sourced locally. However, next year I will be making my way to Canada and Paris to collect many wonderful items!"

You can visit me here:

La Petite Fembot:
La Petite Fembot
Lookbook.nu La Petite Fembot
Facebook.com La Petite Fembot

LadyMaple Vintage:
eBay LadyMaple Vintage
Facebook LadyMaple Vintage.

Want to stand out in the style crowd? Then vintage attire is sure to satisfy your sartorial appetite. Since fashion is cyclical, it’s easy to get your hands on cool clothes from the past just like today’s fabulous nista.

Pretty in pink, our nista is wearing a sheer vintage dress that creates maximum flirt factor. The delicate ivory polka dots add a dose of attitude and texture to this fanciful look and the mock belt gives mucho definition to the waist. Pairing this elegant garment from yesteryear with a modern black suede ankle boot and pewter socks makes for the perfect classic-meets-current combo. Take a little inspiration from this nista, it’s best to balance retro inspired apparel with chic, up to date pieces like her dazzling footwear. The collection of cream pearl necklaces and matching shank buttons keep it clean and sleek, while the puffed sleeves are perfect for evoking a whimsical, old-fashioned vibe.

In her second wardrobe selection, our lovely nista wraps herself in vintage goodness with this voluminous purple dress nipped in slightly at the waist. The never ending, soft, circular detailing transports this seasoned get-up into more refined and urbane territory. Below the waist, her suede ebony side zip booties and accompanying charcoal socks change the character of this outfit in a flash. Finally, this retro inspired look is nothing without her braided headband and oversized circular rings in salmon and silver. It’s the perfect finishing touch, while not detracting from the main focus -her stellar retro ensemble.

If the idea of slipping into a pair of hand me down jeans or used saddles shoes leaves a sour taste in your sartorial palette, opt for pieces with vintage inspired details, like a delightful paisley dress or even a chic highwaisted skirt.

Do you like to wear vintage pieces?

Where are some great places to get retro inspired clothes in your area?


"Too many shoes? I'm not sure I understand the question..."

[location.united states]

What’s your advice for someone trying to define their style?

"It's tempting to want to define things because that makes it easy to categorize, but I don't think it's necessary to ‘define’ your style. I wear lots of things that don't necessarily fit into a certain definition (rock chic, femme, etc.), so my advice is to wear whatever you like whenever you like! Having said that, it is helpful to have a clear idea of the type of clothing you tend to be drawn to, so I usually advise people to find images of items they like and look for common themes. Are you attracted to a certain silhouette or color or print? Figure that out and keep those things in mind when shopping or getting dressed.”

Tell us about an ensemble you regret wearing.

"Hmm...I don't really regret wearing any one specific outfit (jams shorts and push-down socks were in style then, okay?), but I usually regret dressing to suit someone else's expectation of the way I should look, or trying to make myself feel better by dressing up--that almost never works.”

Do you ever go out without accessories?

"No! I always wear earrings. I mean always –and a watch. I think the earring thing is due to my mom --she'll change her earrings just to go to bed! The watch is a control issue; I always need to know what time it is, even when I'm running late (approximately 70% of the time).”

What is your personal style philosophy?

"I dress to suit my mood and I always want to feel like what I'm wearing complements and expresses who I am --even if ‘who I am’ evolves and changes regularly. That's my personal style philosophy, too: dress how you feel and you'll always look great!”

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

" I probably own about seventy pairs, including boots and sandals. Too many shoes? I'm not sure I understand the question....”

Anything Else?

"I'm the editor of Style Sample Magazine a magazine by, for, and about fashion bloggers--you should check it out! There's always lots of great information online and in the magazine--fashion, shopping, designers, photography, illustration, blogging advice--I'd love for you to visit!”

Today we will explore one of the signature color combinations in all of fashion –black and white. Earlier we discussed wearing this duo separately here and here, now it’s time to turn our attention to the myriad of style possibilities unleashed as these two classic hues merge.

In her first look, our lovely nista takes this ultra hot color combo to the next level. Sporting an elegant cream mini dress with contrasting ebony over the knee socks, she’s sure to register on the style radar. Forget those thigh high boots; as this nista shows, towering socks are where it’s at. She rounds out this contrasting color outfit with several chic, multihued accessories. The voluminous coffee shawl draped around her décolleté makes a dramatic sartorial statement, while those adorable cognac ankle strap heels leave an especially memorable impression. Finalizing this get up, the super trendy striped belt effortlessly cinches her waist and the espresso clutch is just right for a romantic evening with the beau.

Our beautiful nista’s second pick proves exclusively wearing this opposing color couple above the waist still gives oodles of panache. Her vertical striped black and white tank is a great addition to any wardrobe. Wear it for an understated look on a muggy day like this nista or vogue it out in fabulous layers on a crisp autumn morning. Merging the banded shirt with a dazzling high waisted flower-patterned skirt is sure to make any woman feel extra glamorous. Completing this ensemble, we spy strappy black heels –fashionable for any occasion and a sensational oversized belt, which looks right day or night.

In her final ensemble, this nista demonstrates black and white make a powerful visual statement. Sporting a cropped ivory blazer equip with exaggerated shoulders reminiscent of another era, she tempers it with an urbane pair of sable pencil pants. Continuing the theme of contrast echoed throughout this look, the slim fitting trousers beautifully offset her inflated upper sleeves; as the slender two-tone belt not only adds definition to her figure, but also reinforces the devastatingly sharp color scheme. Topping everything off with a pair of snakeskin stilettos, this winning combination will seamlessly take her from the desk to dinner.

Do you enjoy pairing black and white?
What are your favorite color combinations?


"You can be sexy wearing a trash bag."

[location.united states]

Who or what teaches you the most about fashion?

"As far as my fashion sense, I'm inspired by all things. I truly do not have one person that I look up to. I do what works for me and that is usually based on my mood; how I'm feeling. If I feel blah in the morning, I will dress accordingly (though, to the rest of the world, it doesn't appear so). If I'm having a bad hair day, I rock a turban or beanie and dress around that.”

Any fashion cravings at the moment?

"Pegged pants, boyfriend sweaters, and blazers.”

What are your beauty secrets?

"I truly have none. I don't wear a lot of makeup. Give me liquid eyeliner and brown lip gloss/lipstick and I'm straight. Nothing else.”

Favorite places to shop?

"I shop anywhere. I find things everywhere I go, even if it's just one item. My core style, my foundation is on the boho side, so I usually go after the indie stores/designer, vintage, swap meet, before going to major brand name stores.”

What is the best way to look sexy without crossing the line?

"I think people often confuse being sexy with revealing. While that will/may get you attention, it's usually the wrong kind. Being sexy is all in your attitude. Your confidence level, the way you carry yourself. It translates into your attire. You can be sexy wearing a trash bag.”

Anything Else?

"Well, I wear a few hats. I own a boho line called WeWe Clothing, http://www.weweclothing.com/. I also own a fashion and lifestyle blog, which is doing really well (thanks to you all) called Style Pantry. I post my daily looks, finds, lookbooks from your favorite stores, etc. I'm working on a new collection and collaborating with another designer. I'm also a wife and mother of three.”

How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

Surviving the style trenches for decades, wide leg pants are an ultra chic way to make a bold statement. Unlike its flare and bell bottom cousins, the voluminous nature of these trousers extends from hip to hem. Take a hint from our lovely nista; whether denim or khaki, prints or pastels –these spacious slacks are sure to make any ensemble a bona fide winner.

Decked out head to toe in olive green, our beautiful nista is the epitome of military chic. Her wide leg pants are perfectly balanced with that incomparable oxford shirt and matching tie. Adding definition to the look, she neatly cinches her waist by knotting the accompanying belt and tucking in her menswear inspired blouse. That gorgeous oversized cognac tote and amazing leopard print heels aptly compliment this avocado hued look, while the collection of bangles and bracelets provide a glamorous, unmistakably feminine touch. Like the uber masculine vibe of this outfit? Add your own twist by sporting a pair of roomy trousers with a form fitting vest in a cool shade like plum or navy. Top it off with an androgynous fedora and a chunky wood necklace for an ultimate head turning impact.

One of the perks associated with wearing wide leg pants is its ultra relaxed fit –an ideal fashion pick for a lazy afternoon in the park or even brunch with mom. Go for a contemporary feel, like our gorgeous nista by slipping on an ample jumpsuit in a fun geometric print. In this look, the circular patterns of crimson, honey, carrot and baby blue beautifully spice up her one piece garment. Throw on a pair of jumbo sunny shades, bangles galore, and a lovely embroidered fringe cross body bag in a charming shade of wheat similar to this stylish lady, and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

For her final look, this nista dons a pair of floor length colossal pants in a distressed pewter rinse. Even in these massive trousers, the dark wash provides a slimming effect. Above the waist, the ebony sequined shirt and assortment of bangles gives a hint of fabulousness to this casual everyday look. Her mustard print shoulder bag beautifully compliments this charcoal ensemble, while the lime green sneakers offer an unexpected, yet playful touch. Don’t be afraid to experiment in your own closet -add a splash of glam by slipping on a gorgeous pair of stilettos with those comfy wide leg trousers.

Do you like to wear wide leg pants?

What do you like to pair your voluminous trousers with?


"There is a thin line between inspiration and duplication."

[location.united states]

What’s different about your style?

"My creativity with my clothing, I play around a lot with them. I’m very experimental and sometimes daring. I have a lot of D.I.Y. pieces. I love vintage pieces. I can go from girly to punk rock. My style is non-structural. There really isn’t a word I can find to describe my style, but just like the song says, I’m Every Woman, it’s All In Me.”

Do you let others borrow your clothing?

"Yes, but only a chosen few, such as my sister and cousin. Most friends have disappointed me by not returning them or not giving them back in the condition they were loaned.”

Favorite way to wear a scarf?

"I actually have three ways that I like to wear my scarves: the classic loop, the belted look, and the side bow.”

Do you enjoy shopping in your own closet?

"I do, but wish I’d do it more often. Sometimes I buy stuff that I don’t even remember until I go back and realize it was there all along; a pleasant surprise! Yet, as a business owner, I’m always on the go, so I usually find it easier to run to the mall and grab something. Sick right? I know.”

Someone copies your look. How do you respond?

"Well, I believe that there is a thin line between inspiration and duplication. I put myself out there to inspire others just like I’ve been inspired. I don’t mind being copied or the source of one’s inspiration, but I do feel you should add your own flair to it!”

No longer content with simply rounding out an ensemble; now more than ever, shoes are creating a bold standalone statement –one stylish step at a time. As today’s gorgeous nista illustrates, it’s time to toss dull footwear in the closet; instead slip on an eye popping impact shoe. Treat your feet to a pewter ankle boot wrapped in a gang of flashy zippers, chunky wedges with a slew of syrupy bows, or a cute peep toe covered in sequins galore.

For this nista’s first wardrobe pick, that skyscraping heel with a charming peep toe and sleek cutouts along the arch provide an enticing and sensual flair. As well, the feisty animal print makes a dramatic impression. All dedicated nistas understand, items with accents like zebra or leopard fundamentally do not match with anything, thus the style possibilities are endless. Pairing the stilettos with a simple hip hugging black pencil skirt and multicolored tie up sleeveless blouse is the perfect way to top off this stellar look.

In a previous interview, a stylista laments about not being able to make the oh so trendy socks with stilettos look work for her. Well, today’s nista effortlessly pulls the fad off with towering coffee hued heels and pale ankle socks. The darkness of her strappy shoes beautifully contrasts against those light toe warmers; providing an instant highlight to her feet. As our nista demonstrates, this stellar tootsie combo is versatile; she teams it up with a cute floral patterned skirt, simple black tank top, and slender coffee belt in one instance, then slips on a romantic pleated snowy dress and chic ebony belt in another.

How do you like to wear statement shoes?


“One can pretty much pull off anything as long as they have the confidence to back it up.”

[location.united states]

When did your unique style start to develop?

"About three years ago when I went to a new school, I decided I wanted a change. I started putting things together differently and I stopped over-matching. The artists I started listening to, like M.I.A., definitely made an impact. When I first started developing my style, I was super inspired by the 80's. I loved big hair (still do), bright colors, Vans, and piled-on jewelry. Now, as I am getting older, I am approaching style at different angles. I still love the fun 80's, but I want to dress up a little more. I don't mind wearing black or grey with pops of color. A couple of years ago, I thought that wearing the color black didn't fit me or that I wouldn't stand out. I now know that one can pretty much pull off anything as long as they have the confidence to back it up.”

Anything in your closet you regret buying?

"I can't say that I do. When I buy things and feel regret right after I leave the store, I just think to myself, ‘I'll make it work, there must be a reason I bought it.’ More often than not, I regret NOT buying things.”

Most fashionable show on television?

"I love Project Runway! I always find myself making things or putting together outfits as they are doing the challenges. Other than that, the only current show about fashion that I watch is How Do I Look on The Style Network. Ironically, that's a show about people with not so great fashion gaining a better sense of style. There's nothing like a great transformation. The host, Jeannie Mai has cool style and awesome black hair with an undertone of blue! To be completely honest, old sitcoms like A Different World and The Cosby Show (one of my style inspirations, the character Denise Huxtable, was on both) suit my taste just fine.”

“If I don’t know what to wear I end up wearing ____________.”

"Black skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters, a simple tee, any of my various blazers or cardigans, Doc Martens, and a piece of jewelry; my safety pin necklace or my armor style ring are perfect for outfits that are thrown together in a short amount of time.”

How do you feel about mixing black and brown?

"Black and brown can be an interesting combo. I think that it can easily be pulled off in a mixed prints look. For anyone that is not sure of putting the two together, I say that it is safest to start with a leopard or cheetah prints. It's a fool-proof way to sneak both in. After that, you can add as much or as little black and brown as you want!”

Anything Else?

"More of my style is featured at my Chictopia.com account, Fierceloverock and my Weardrobe account, Pursuit of Fashion. I have a Tumblr, Things We Love in Life, but it's a place for inspirations, not necessarily a personal style blog.”

What to Wear to a Fashion Show

Of course, we could not let one of the most stylish times of the year -New York Fashion Week, slip by without mention. Whether you are scheduled to attend some of the closing festivities or patiently waiting for next season’s celebration, we’re here to help refine your sartorial choices.

Remember YOU are not sashaying down the runway, so don’t feel the need to sport an haute couture masterpiece. Opt for a timeless and sophisticated look. Dresses are an easy way to elegance; don one in a bold color like carrot and you’ll be a style standout just like our nista. Topping her button up garment off with a leopard patterned bow offers a taste of spice; as the band of ivory necklaces casually keep it all together.

On the other hand, if you crave chic layers, experiment with a funky blazer. By wearing a head turning cheetah print stunner for her second look, she breathes new life into an enduring wardrobe staple. Tempering the bold jacket with another closet essential –the fresh ivory oxford shirt and a coquettish black skirt, she’s ready to hobnob with the fashion elite.


Fashion shows are a prime time to throw on your higher than thou stilettos. After all, those tooties will receive a much needed break as you sit with all of the glitterati drooling over the must haves of next season. Of course, if flats are your favorite, then exuding a powerful fashion statement is achievable like today’s nista. Those charming coffee colored strap sandals perfectly harmonize with her carroty hued dress in the first photo; while her chic sable flats in the second sartorial selection aid in completing this urbane ensemble.

Of course, a chic bag fully equip with your phone will satisfy the urge to text your bestie after eyeing all those jaw dropping gowns storming the runway. Both of our nista’s selections –the petite Louis Vuitton chocolate clutch and that slinky scarlet shoulder bag, provide loads of fashion and function under the star studded tents. Grab whatever tickles your fancy, but leave the knock offs in the closet. Try upping the style quotient with a fab designer handbag in a pulsating hue –it’s sure to leave voguish tongues wagging.

Did you attend any NYFW activities?

Did you attend FNO in your town?

What did you wear?

Who had the best collection so far?


"I avoid cracks in the pavement at all times."

[location.united states]

How did you get interested in fashion?

"My interest in fashion began in eighth grade when everyone but me read magazines like, Vogue and Teen Vogue. After that I got subscriptions to nearly every fashion magazine I could afford. By ninth grade, I really got into fashion and I signed up for Chictopia.com as soon as it opened! From there, my style has changed and matured!"

How do you feel about knockoffs?

"Knockoffs that are TOTALLY obvious like a Dooney & Burke purse that has D&V instead of D&B bother me. I actually used to have one of those a long time ago.”

What films or television shows inspire your style?

"I'm actually really bad at getting inspiration from TV and movies. I'm not a movie person. But I do love the movie Pretty Woman. It fuels my obsession with the nineties."

How careful are you with clothes?

"I think I'm about as careful with my clothes just as much as any girl would be. While walking in spike heels, I avoid cracks in the pavement at all times. I only wash my jeans or pants after I wear them a couple of times."

How long does it take you to get ready?

"I spend way too much time getting dressed mainly because I don't pick out my clothes the night before. While I'm trying stuff on, I'm surfing through inspiration on lookbook.nu and Chictopia.com. It's a bad habit. The days I prepare my outfit the night before go great most of time -or I just end up changing everything I start with; and then there's my hair...which takes forever."

Anything Else?

"Thank you so much! That was fun!"
Check her out at:
je suis tiana b.

Searching the racks of your ever so modest closet for a chic piece that never goes out of style AND matches everything? Well, look no further than those lovely hues in the neutral clan. That overlooked grey pea coat, forgotten white silk scarf, neglected black wide leg pants, and castaway brown ruffled blouse are all dripping with oodles of fashion potential. With her two show stopping ensembles, today’s stunning nista helps us understand how to effortlessly master the art of combining neutrals.

How to Wear Neutrals From Head to Toe
By sporting an oxford shirt and fanciful skirt in her initial look, she proves ivory and sky blue are simply divine together. Also, note how the buttons of her blouse harmonize with her skirt. In the sartorial world details are where the magic happens. Shimmering belt buckles, handbag hardware, handy zippers and other notions provide overlooked opportunities to make an outfit stand out from the crowd.

Contrasting colors make a powerful fashion statement. Of course, all bona fide fashionistas understand this technique –our stylish lady is no exception. That’s why she slips on those too cute ebony tights to pop against her snow hued skirt. When it comes to neutrals, experiment with a paler hue like pearl and cream against a rich navy or deep chocolate for dramatic effect. Our nista’s camel colored brim diva hat offers a hint of glamour and excitement; while her dapper black blazer and sleek cognac belt perfectly tie everything together. As you can see, she stylishly turns that pesky myth of the dull and boring all neutral outfit on its ugly head.

In a previous post, we discussed the many ways to wear the color sable in order to create an air of sophistication. Today, our beautiful nista furthers that conversation. The epitome of classic chic in her second look, she sports super stylish black apparel with slits of ivory –perfect for a day at the office. The black and white horizontal striped sweater tank makes a striking visual statement; while her must have ebony heels and timeless pencil skirt aptly highlight her slender silhouette. By throwing on an urbane leather jacket for those chilly mornings, she’s ready to take on the world.

Committed to bold colors, so all neutral attire not your style? Experiment with a funky ebony sandal or perhaps a camel fedora to tone down a vivid outfit while adding a bit of structure.

Do you like to wear neutral colors?
What are your favorite neutral shades?


"Kudos to all who can pull this look off!"


How did you get interested in fashion?

"To be honest, I’ve always been interested in fashion. I remember watching Naomi Campbell (you know back then, everything she touched was gold) on TV when I was younger, walking down the runway in all her to-die-for outfits! But I think it really started during my transitioning stage from teenager to young adult! I find that my style has evolved greatly and includes more trendy and classic/chic pieces. However I've become even more interested thanks to the world of bloggers. I draw inspiration from them all, especially Paris fashionistas; they know how to swag it out!"

How do you balance being fashionably and financially chic?

"I believe that you can be chic on just about any budget! My closet is twenty percent thrifted, forty percent classic, forty trendy (just a breakdown on how I spend my money). I buy what I like; sometimes it’s about quality and sometimes it’s just because I like it and WANT it! For me I will splurge on a bag or a shoe, NEVER clothes! Trends go in and out, so at the end of the day it's always what I like (even if I’m trendy as hell)! You don’t have to splurge to look good but you must admit it feels good when it’s something you’re madly in love with, (I've had those guilty pleasures before)!"

Which celebrity should start a fashion line?

"That’s a tough one! I prefer street style more than celeb style only because you get to see how other people put their personalities into their every day looks (raw and unedited fashion) whereas celebs have their own stylist! So it’s not really a reflection of them even if they do look good in half the stuff they wear! But to answer the question, I’d say it boils down to these two fashionistas: Gwyneth Paltrow and my girl Rihanna! Gwyneth, for her amazing shoe game and effortless chic looks and Rihanna, the trendy girl who breaks all the rules! Girly with a bit of edge – I love that combo!"

What is something you would never wear?

"SOCKS and SHOES! Not because I don’t like it; I actually adore the look, it reminds me of childhood. But I can’t seem to pull it off. I’ve played around with many looks and I’m just not feeling it! I prefer when other people wear it, that way I can admire it on them! Kudos to all who can pull this look off!"

Last fashion item you returned?

"Hmmmmm? I returned an H&M 'Chanel inspired' cropped blazer because I saw a better version at Zara!"

Anything Else?

"Look out for a few upcoming projects from moi. I don’t want to spill the beans, but I will be creating my own customized t-shirts soon (really cool stuff) and a few giveaways, so look out for that on my fashion blog, Shop Now Save Later! My biggest wish is to be backstage at Paris Fashion Week as the models personal hairstylist (since I am a hairstylist) and kicking back in the front row drooling over all the must have collections on the catwalk!"

2 Must Have Jackets for Fall

Denim jacket
The foundation of our adorable stylista’s first wardrobe pick is her sleek denim jacket in a light wash. This versatile garment seamlessly harmonizes with a variety of looks. In this instance, she teams it up with a coquettish floral skirt, fitted pewter tank top, and camel heels –creating an innocent and playful vibe. Instead of a sarong and a basic tee, link your jean jacket up with a cool pair of khaki pants and a nubby sweater for those chilly mornings or perhaps a slinky dress and ankle boots for lunch with the boyfriend. Whatever you choose, keep in mind denim on denim is passé; so leave those low rise jeans in the closet.

Blazers are one of the most resourceful items in any woman’s wardrobe. This essential piece is perfect for the annual office party in December, a fun night out on the town in May, or any other fashionable occasion throughout the year. Making it work takes only a few voguish items above and below the belt.

As our stylista demonstrates in the second ensemble, blazers can offer structure while highlighting a svelte silhouette. The contouring of her ebony jacket beautifully contrasts with the rocker chic tone of those ripped ivory denim jeans and dark aviator sunglasses; while her black bustier and studded lapel add a funky and feminine flair. The rebel panache of this look is in direct contrast to her final sartorial pick –which exudes a charmingly casual aura. Donning a blazer in that remarkable shade of pink lends a much needed womanly touch to this traditionally male garment. The looser cut of her jacket and relaxed fit rolled up denims are the epitome of chic yet comfortable.

What do you like to wear with denim jackets?

What do you like to wear with blazers?