"I personally think the little black dress is overrated!"

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What's the number one thing a woman should have in her closet?

"A dress that reflects her personality. Not necessarily black. I personally think the little black dress is overrated."

What is your personal style philosophy?

"I honestly don't consider myself stylish. How I dress, do my hair and makeup, and what not is more of a reflection of my way of thinking and current artistic endeavors. I do have a vivid mind, so I like to experiment with fabrics, materials, paint etc...but then again, I do think style is dressing as you feel fits your personality best. So maybe I am stylish after all!"

What one item takes up the most room in your closet?

"Dresses. I have so many dresses..and jackets…and shoes…and vintage bags."

Would you rather dress up or down?

"I rather dress up than down, will never be a label whore, and damn it have fun with it!"

Anything Else?

"I just wrapped up my new fall 2010 jewelry collection, which won't be in stores for a few months, but we are taking inquiries and will keep you informed when it becomes available to the public. Until then have fun with our reworked vintage one of a kind, and original designs on http://www.rue107. Thank you so much for the support!"

Today’s adorable nista offers a great lesson on the many ways to wear a belt. No longer a tool used solely to keep pants in place, modern belts offer a punch of versatility and originality –in addition to loads of style. Every fashion plate must invest in a collection of belts. From thick to thin or luscious leather to sweet satin, a belt is the finishing touch to many an outfit. Can’t dish out the dough to boost your belting wardrobe? No problem, besides being an affordable outlet, thrift stores are a great resource to find everything from retro to contemporary styles.

Cinch the waist

Using a belt to cinch in the waist is a classic way to incorporate this versatile accessory into your everyday apparel. It not only draws the eye to your midsection, but offers an instant slimming effect by highlighting the trimmest part of your figure. Let’s turn our attention to Ms. Nista’s first ensemble. Wearing a daring look, perfect for a night on the town, she grabs a neutral belt to execute this fashion technique perfectly. Her pencil thin cincher is doing double duty, not only perfectly nipping the waist, but also tightly securing her barely there wing tipped floral vest. The lower half of the outfit consists of a leopard print corseted pencil skirt accented by burgundy pumps. Now I know what you’re thinking, “She’s wearing TWO different patterns.” In a previous post I commented on the ways to effectively don prints. However, if you insist on being a fashion rebel, take a cue from our stylish lady and balance out the divergent fabrics with some skin. The key is to not wear print from HEAD TO TOE. Showing your shapely legs or amazing arms is crucial to making this look work. Finally, the pillbox hat with shades of tan, plum, and burgundy add a charming and delightful finishing touch to this winning ensemble.

Bring up the waist

Going for a long and lean look? Hiking up your belt is an ideal way to make your fabulous legs seem a mile long. Donning a pair of plum pants held up by a bright and delicate apple belt, our fearless fashionista’s second ensemble provides the illusion of a high natural waist. Her shirt –a vertical black and white stripe confection, also adds to the ensemble’s overall lengthening effect. When selecting the precise blouse to compliment your lofty attire, choose a piece that is effortlessly tucked in. A form fitting body suit or shirt made of a smooth fabric like silk is best.

Alter fit

Transforming a large garment, into a modish outfit is easy with the help of a stylish belt. For her final outfit, our nista takes an oversized red and mustard V-neck geometric print dress with mucho potential, grabs a chocolate belt and –voila; instant retro chic! Again, the position of the belt, in this case on her hips, aids in elongating the body and slimming the silhouette. She tops this sartorial selection off with a pair of cute ivory boots, a gang of gold chains, and a delightful black hat.

How do you use belts to enhance your wardrobe?


"Style and prestige are two different things."


Where are some of your favorite places to purchase jewelry?

"One particular store I love is Ardene’s (it's a jewelry store). However, I would say my jewelry is a mixture of different stores. I'm not someone who heads specifically to certain stores to purchase jewelry. I just land on great pieces while I'm looking around."

How important is price when shopping for clothing?

"It has to be something that I can afford. Why buy a $300.00 dress when I can get six pieces for the same price? I'm not someone who is particularly interested in having designer brands, just because it is Louis Vuitton. Style and prestige are two different things."

How do you decrease the pain associated with wearing high heels?

"Oh my, no remedies... Beauty is PAIN, just have to endure it!"

What colors inspire you?

"Bold colors."

Does hair play a role in your sartorial selections?

“Definitely. Hair is a woman's crowning glory.”

Anything Else?
“My blog: http://barbiousfashionblog.blogspot.com/ .”

Sporting a superb geometric plum and ivory print blouse, today’s beautiful nista understands how to make patterns work in her wardrobe.

Notice how the rest of her outfit is comprised of neutral hues –wheat shorts, charcoal shoes, and a cognac bag. Since, the bold and vivid top is doing all of the work, she tempered it with subtle, yet elegant accessories. Every nista knows balance is one of the cardinal rules of fashion. Generally, head to toe print is not only unflattering but tawdry.

Also, when wearing a patterned top, keeping the jewelry minimal is best. No necklace is needed in this instance. A chic and simple bracelet or ring will do. Our exquisite nista’s chocolate globe earrings add a charming and casual touch.

Still not convinced you can make it work? Start off slow. Don a fabulous leopard print flat, grab a vintage floral handbag, or drape on a plaid scarf before hitting the office.

Do you like prints?
What is your favorite print?
How do you wear prints?


"the clothes you wear are more than something to hide a nude body..."

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How did you develop an interest in fashion?

"Over the years, I have learned that the clothes you wear are more than something to hide a nude body; they express emotions and can bring joy to an individual. Once I discovered Jean Paul Gaultier was the designer of the magnificent costumes in the film, "The Fifth Element" I was sold. I realized fashion is what I want to pursue in life. The colors and lines bring art to another level."

What are your favorite color combinations?

"Black, brown, and navy blue."

How do you organize your closet?

"My main goal is to keep the pants and shirts separated –while they each are divided by category. Ex: sweaters with sweaters, vests with vests, crew necks with crew necks. Sadly the clothes always end up mixed together!"

What is your most recent fashion related purchase?

"Brown wingtips from Neiman Marcus."

This wonderful nisto is the perfect example of the countless ways neckwear can enhance an outfit. Guys, not totally committed to wearing jewelry around the neck? A scarf is the perfect alternative. It’s quick, carefree, and offers unlimited creative expression.

His first wardrobe selection, featuring a scarf with accents of kelly green, ivory, and chocolate tied freely around the neck, serves as the ultimate compliment to his mustard hued hooded jacket. The light and wispy nature of the piece is great to don on breezy summer days; while the scarf’s depth and dimension properly set off the ensemble’s overall fitted silhouette. However, don’t run and grab a scarf just to save a bad outfit! Though in this photo, the denim jeans and top naturally harmonize (yellow sun/blue sky).

Need a more polished look? Scarf not cutting it? Try a tie. Our nisto’s second sartorial choice proves that it can add a professional touch to even the most casual attire.

For his final look, he dons an oatmeal scarf made of heavy fabric –for two reasons. Fashion and function. It’s keeping him chic while the temperature’s bleak. Also, the bulky nature of the scarf especially compliments his hefty charcoal overcoat. In this instance, a flimsy scarf is not only impractical but useless. Topping the ensemble off with his retro style glasses, pencil thin jeans, coffee colored wingtips, and lovely red socks –he’s sure to brighten even the dreariest of days.

What is your favorite neckwear accessory?

Scarf? Tie? Necklace?


Some days, I have several outfit changes just because my mood changes....

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Where do you reside?

"I live in the U.S., in a small city in Michigan. I'm originally from Ohio but go to school for graphic design and photography here in Michigan."

When did your unique style start to develop?

"My style started to develop a little over 2 years ago when I first started thrifting. My sister and I used to go several times a week and after a while the things I started looking for began to change. I used to go the thrift store looking for a pair of "black pants" or a "white sweater" and over time I realized all the gems I was missing out on were unique pieces that were slightly quirky and a bit outrageous. I started buying items like these and realized how much they inspire me. My style further evolved when I started to see the way I dress as another form of self-expression. Some days, I have several outfit changes just because my mood changes throughout the day. Some days certain colors and proportions just feel right!

This turning point in my style occurred right about the time I began to start taking my photography seriously and developing my own style of art. I think often times my whole style aesthetic, taste in photography, and graphic design work all resemble each other in the sense of being slightly quirky and using similar color choices."

Fashion rule you love to break?

"A fashion rule I love to break is buying and wearing clothes that aren't my size. Often times I love purchasing things a size or two too big and being able to swim in it. Overblown proportions are something that people often miss out on because they are usually so caught up on fit. While the fit is important, there's a whole other realm of possibilities that come with clothes that aren't the correct size. I generally think this is more effective if something large is worm with some article of clothing that is fitted and retains some shape.

Another fashion rule that I tend to break is combining a mass amount of colors and prints into one look. Sometimes I'm not really concerned if they technically "go together" but it's more based on the mood I'm trying to convey. Some days I'm feeling a bit wacky and energized and wearing lots of prints/colors portrays that well visually."

Do you enjoy the looks and attention that come with standing out in the crowd?

"It's always a love-hate relationship between the attention I receive when it comes to my attire. In bigger cities, I don't get much attention but my school is located in a small city in Michigan that isn't exactly known for its extreme class, so the stares come in hoards. I enjoy it because it's a sign that I differ from the average Jane walking around in the supermarket; yet at the same time I wish I wasn't the only one in this area who seems to care about their clothing style in a more creative fashion. It's nice though, I get a lot of smiles and compliments which can boost your day a bit."

Can you recall the least amount of money you spent on something that was really a true gem?

"Most of my clothes I get from Goodwill, which means there are quitea few gems I've found that I bought for basically nothing. Probably the latest gem I've purchased was a silk floral dress from a vintagestore owned by a friend. I ended up only paying $6 for it because Iknow the owner; otherwise it would have been a little out of my poorcollege student budget. The dress just fits so beautifully on thefigure. It drapes and hangs in all the right places. Plus, anytime I wear it, it makes me excited for spring."

Anything Else?

I hope new readers will check out my blog http://11.acesaura.com/ and be on the look out for a new site of mine where I'll incorporatemy own poetry and photography. It should be up within the next monthor so. I'm extremely excited about it! I'm quite a fan of written language and I'm pumped to share mine with the world for the first time. I'll just leave you with a quote by my favorite photographer that makes me think. It's said in the context of photography but can be applied to all other applications of art and style:

“To say a photographer has a vision is to say the photographer has something unique to say to about the world. Why do some photographers have something unique to say, when so many others just shoot pictures that are general and lacking vision? Most people would say it has to do with talent. Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe it has nothing to do with talent. Maybe it has to do with the ability to express one’s feelings. The person who presents a strong vision has figured out a way to express his or her feelings, while others are struggling to do that. Talent, then, becomes not so much artistic talent, though that may be a good part of it, but rather emotional talent.”- Rodney Smith.

This charming nista exemplifies how a few simple modifications can provide instant drama to any outfit.

In her first look she pairs a basic black shirt and skinny cuffed jeans – two articles of clothing leaning more towards the common rather than colorful side, with a floor length sheer sable cape. The elongated garment adds a quick punch of panache to her overall persona; while her delicious two toned wedges and classic belt further compliment the ensemble.

For our nista’s second sartorial selection she dons a traditional black blazer with unique and fashionable flair. The gold studs on the jacket’s trim immediately catch your eye. Teamed with a white t-shirt and the proverbial denim jeans, she comfortably transforms fundamental wardrobe staples into a head turning masterpiece.

How do you add drama to your outfits?

How do you deal with the attention received from your daily attire?


"How can anything look good & fashionable if it doesn't fit well?"


What clothing stores would you like to see in your town?

"I wish I had a TopShop in town. I hate ordering online because I like to see how clothes fit me. Some things look different on different people.”

Can fashion be affordable?

"Yes, I think fashion can be affordable. If you keep your eyes open, you can find very cool pieces at H&M or Zara. That is what I do most of the time. Another good tip: Shops of young designers. They sell very fashionable clothes for little money. If you are in Munich, Germany, I suggest Machima."

Is fit important when it comes to fashion?

"Of course it is. How can anything look good and fashionable if it doesn't fit well?"

Talk about your first-ever "aha" fashion moment?

"I tried to find it but I can't remember. But I recall my last one. I'm so into shoes… so when I saw these creamy plateau boots at Zara that was really an "AHA" moment for me."

This lovely nista exemplifies the importance of fit in making an ensemble work. Donning a stunning gold buckled belt with chain detailing to cinch in the waist turns an otherwise oversized garment into a svelte and slinky summer must have. The pewter knee highs matched with her short chocolate tresses add a coquettish flair. In a daring move, she topped the outfit off with a charming grey wedge bootie wrapped in suede –a fabric customarily worn during the more blistery months. However, her elegance and confidence make it work!

The second outfit with its bold and vibrant floral pattern exudes a lighthearted and playful flair; the perfect look for those easy breezy summer days. In a quandary over what to wear when it’s warm? Slip on a dress. As this nista demonstrates, it’s effortless and elegant. Missed your pedicure appointment? Don’t fret. Grab a pair of cute wedge booties, like the ones above and casual observers will be none the wiser.

Check her out at

"Style is not even a word to me."

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What is your favorite fashion era?

"My favorite fashion era would have to be the 1980's. I love the bold colors and outrageous hairstyles. Most of what I wear now is a mixture of the oldies and the futuristic. Will Smith and Michael Jackson are definitely my icons of style; very goofy and odd but I love it."

How do you decide what to wear each day?

"Before I go to bed, I always have an idea of what I want to wear the next day. It's usually based on my mood. I wear colors based on how I feel. I usually don’t think too much about it when I wake up. I pretty much just throw on the first thing I see based on my preconceived notions."

What would you wear to your own wedding?

"Wow. I actually don't plan on getting married; at least not the traditional way. I like to wear the opposite of what an event requires. For example, I wore black jeans to my prom! So, I will probably wear a jean jacket, tuxedo shirt, pink bow tie, black skinny jeans, and Fusion Kevlar sneakers."

What is your personal style philosophy?

"Style is not even a word to me. Who am I to define it for anyone? I don’t even consider myself stylish. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, because if you don’t no one else will. I made that up in high school and I have followed it ever since."

A man who is not afraid to play with bright colors! How refreshing. As this nisto demonstrates, his style cannot be put into a box. A fusion of prep, sporty, and funky with a splash of vivid hues, he is sure to turn heads.

The dusty grey vest sets the tone for the opening outfit; very urbane and sophisticated –an ideal combo for a gentleman’s first day of school. The vibrant crimson tie matched with a pink watch adds a rush of color to an otherwise neutral hued outfit. The chain link bracelet lends a touch of rebel panache, while the sepia sunglasses provide a cool yet casual vibe.

A red bowtie paired with dark wash jeans and white sneakers? Too cute! The silver jacket adds a hint of ruggedness and the crisp ivory belt brings it all together. Overall, grey, white, and navy blue prove to be a winning color combination.

This handsome nisto, always the resourceful one creates a brand new look (outfit 4) using several garments worn in the first photograph. By swapping the red tie for an emerald one and donning a spiffy black hat, while retaining the dark trousers and crisp oxford shirt, he exemplifies the concept of reinvention. Don’t be afraid to shop in your own closet! Mixing and matching pieces always breathes new life into old favorites.

Check him out at the following websites: