"I am not a fan of Rihanna's hair but her personal style is like a ready-to-wear version of what Lady GaGa does."

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How do you organize your closet?

"I have two closets, one for my casual/daywear pieces and one for my business/evening wear. I organize each closet in a backwards layering order: outerwear/jackets, cardigans/vests, dresses, tops, skirts/trousers, and then belts. I also organize each section in color order with neutrals such as black, gray, brown, and white first; then sections in order of the rainbow."

Stores you wish were in your town?

"I wish there was an H&M, Zara, TopShop, ReDress, and better thrift stores. It's so hard to find plus sizes in my local thrift shops, so I wish there was a specialized one in my town. Oh, and a Forever 21 that has a Faith 21 in the store."

Best-dressed celebrities?

"Rihanna, Keri Hilson, 70s and 80s Diana Ross, 80s and 90s Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Lady GaGa and Kim Kardashian are on my best dressed list. All of these entertainers have signature looks but are not afraid to try new things. Keri Hilson and Rihanna are very much into the rocker inspired looks, which doesn't seem forced. I am not a fan of Rihanna's hair but her personal style is like a ready-to-wear version of what Lady GaGa does. Diana Ross in the 70s and 80s was very bohemian glam, with the sparkles and big hair. She is still extremely gorgeous and maintains the same appeal today through her daughter Tracy Ellis Ross. I am a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe because she defined that sexy Hollywood glamour, while Audrey Hepburn defined classic Hollywood style. I also love the creativity of Madonna from the 80s and 90s because she had fun with her looks and dared to be different. Lady GaGa gets my vote because she's like the Madonna cone bra look on acid. She is so avant-garde and it's almost like looking at a fantasy when she's on and off stage. Kim Kardashian embraces her curves, whether it's in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a Herve Leger dress. She embodies a slight minimalist look but with stand out accessories."

What are your favorite stores to find bargains?

"I love going to little teen stores, such as Wet Seal, Body Shop, and Max Rave for simple t-shirts. I also shop at Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 for more trendy items. However, the best bargains are in thrift stores, such as Goodwill. I go to this one in my town; it's sponsored by CASA, which stands for Community Action Stops Abuse. It's a thrift store that uses its revenue to support the organization. I've found great items, such as blazers and shorts, for like $6.00. Also, I found two cute purses for $6.00 and $4.00. I also get my costume and trendy jewelry from places like Girlprops.com and random wholesale jewelry stores."

What are some styles you would like to wear but haven’t yet?

"I would love to wear wedge closed-toe booties in black and/or leopard print, rompers, harem pants, and faux fur jackets. Lately, I've really been into the shorts and tights look again for fall/winter too. I so desperately have been on the search for a pair of classic Levis with a straight leg in my size to wear cuffed and eventually turn into shorts………maybe."

Anything else?

"I am currently training to become a personal shopper/personal stylist. I am hoping to intern for a willing company and work my way up. For now, I'm still a full time student. I recently completed a 2-day crash course in the business side of Fashion Styling at a seminar called The School of Style with wardrobe stylist Luke Storey (from LA). Also, I am working on updating my blog, Love, Fashion, and Finding Me. Thanks again for the interview opportunity!"

Blazers – a fashion staple that stands the test of time

Blazers are a fashion staple that continually stands the test of time. An essential piece of apparel in the modern woman’s wardrobe, these must have jackets keep it clean and sleek when worn to the office, singlehandedly top off casual weekend wear, and see you through the unpredictable transitional weather of
late summer and early fall. Not sure how to integrate this timeless item into your daily attire? Look no further than today’s lovely nista for some style inspiration.

Feminine from every angle thanks to her structured blazer in a stunning shade of fuchsia, our beautiful nista’s career oriented garment shows she’s ready for business. It’s the ideal versatility piece –taking her from the desk to dinner in a flash. The base of the jacket –a sleek, floral button up shirt is the perfect flirty meets relaxed combo; a cool contrast to the blazer’s professional vibe. Tucking her festive blouse in a pair of rolled up jean shorts of the medium wash variety; this nista is effortlessly casual, since her high waisted denims lend themselves naturally to day wear. To keep the fashion focus on her brightly hued blazer, she opts for monochromatic lower limbs with a fresh pair of black tights and accompanying sable lace up oxfords –giving her legs for miles! Completing the look with an effortlessly modern pewter tote bag and avant-garde, mustard wayfarer sunglasses –could our nista be any more stylish?

Who says blazers must be solid? If you want to make a style statement like our gorgeous nista in her second look, try a jovial jacket that’s sure to add a splash of visual impact. Her beautifully ornate blazer, adorned in chic and vibrant beads of turquoise and magenta is sure to capture your attention. The sophisticated yet slightly bohemian design is truly stunning. Also, certain to light up her evening are a pair of posh cobalt suede pumps –an elegant choice no matter the occasion. To ensure her plush heels and lavish blazer get top billing in the fashion spotlight, our nista opts for an all black foundation, with several silhouette enhancing pieces, including a classic tank top, must have mini skirt, and all purpose leggings. Finally, nothing is complete without her leather clutch in a voguish shade of wine –ideal for an understated look; while her low key sable fedora is an easy way to inject a dose of chic downtown minimalism into the outfit.

The great thing about a blazer is its versatility. Available in a variety of colors, cuts and fabrics, there’s sure to be one out there to suit your sartorial tastes. Go for a hip jacket in an unexpected shade or material, like our nista’s final ensemble. The retro inspired wool blazer featuring several shades of purple, from lilac to violet Our nista’s her graphic t-shirt and vintage denim shorts are sure to put a relaxed spin to her day; while those classic, opaque black tights place her right on the fashion mark. She adds final touches of sophistication with a dazzling pair of black, strappy high heels that appear oh so charming on her feet and a fedora reminiscent of yesteryear.

What are your favorite items to wear with blazers?
What are some of your favorite colors, cuts, and styles?


"The real you is far better than the fake somebody else."

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Favorite color combinations?

"I adore black with anything. All black everything preferably. As far as colors, I typically go with looks that are mismatched. I feel as though matching limits creativity in many ways. Blue is also one of my favorite colors."

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be more fashionable?

"Never put yourself in a box! More often than not, people are afraid to be themselves –for fear of being judged. Those who are afraid of being judged just go along with the trends, which is such a horrible idea. You can never be an individual if you worry about what others think of your style all of the time. Most importantly, do your own thing! Nothing is worse than copying another individual's style. Style comes from within. Never attempt to live another person's life on the exterior. That really pains my soul. The real you is far better than the fake somebody else."

What stores do you wish were in your town?

"H&M, American Apparel (just for quality, plain t-shirts, hoodies, and tights/leggings), and more VINTAGE STORES. I love vintage shopping with a bunch of my heart and my current town only has a few to offer. I honestly don't do too much shopping in stores, unless I’m grabbing a pair of jeans; and there is a Nordstrom’s nearby to handle that for me."

Describe your personal style philosophy?

"I don't necessarily have a philosophy for my personal style. I'm human. I change. As I change and transition, so does my style. Although my style changes and transitions there will never be a point in time where someone would look at me and say ‘That's unlike Rosco.’ People that know me, understand me."

Anything else?

"What should readers know about me? Follow me and Lia Day's blog, Ill Advised Nonconformist. Also, if anyone needs an image consultant/personal stylist or an artist to create a wonderful piece of work, hit me up at spearsro@gmail.com OR twitter.com/RoscoSpears."

Our lovely nista is an explosion of color in her first ensemble. Kicking it off with a basic carrot tank top, she keeps it comfortable and casual for the season. Contrasting her unadorned shirt with a sleek hot pink and sable hounds tooth patterned scarf adds attitude and texture to her upper half. Below the waist, this nista’s delicious lemon tulle skirt is catwalk-inspired but surprisingly wearable; while her violet fishnet tights add a gutsy and spirited touch to her vivid look. Completing this multihued outfit with indigo and ivory low top sneakers provide an androgynous touch to this uniquely feminine ensemble.

The rainbow of style continues with this beautiful nista’s second wardrobe selection. A charming crimson varsity jacket with contrasting black sleeves is a perfect nod to the enduring school girl look. Teaming this collegiate inspired garment up with a form fitting ebony shirt makes for the ideal foundation when going for a chic layered ensemble. Not to be missed are the checkered pattern on her mustard and black tights, which take this everyday style choice into more adventurous terrain. Rounding out this colorful get up are sneakers inspired by the classic board game, Monopoly –adding a playful and unconventional twist to her footwear.

Not sold on a multihued ensemble? Our gorgeous nista’s final look might convince you otherwise. Her cute oat jacket is perfect for wearing to work; whereas those cut off denim shorts are a great relaxed counterpart to that professional top. She keeps it chic during worrisome weather with her delightful kelly green scarf and can’t miss salmon tights. Finishing her look with a ruby cross body bag lets us know she’s ready for business!